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Finally release that song you have been working on for months


How can I help?

Full Service

This is for the artist who has a demo or an idea for a song and doesn't know how to get to the finished product.  It includes full production (including musicians if needed), editing, vocal tuning, mixing and mastering.

Mixing and Mastering

This is for the artist who has a fully recorded song and needs help getting it to the next level.  It includes some basic editing, a great radio ready mix and awesome mastering.

Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed

My work

Here is a few exemple of what I can do.  All these artists came to me with a song demo recorded at home.  We rerecorded part of it, found the right musicians for the vibe and ended up with a co-produced song they are proud of.

Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed
Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed
Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed
Mixed Live


My name is Pierre-Luc Barr

With more than 15 years experience in the music industry as a touring and studio engineer, I have mixed many Canadian Folk Icons:


  • Stumpin' Tom Connors

  • Tummy Hunter

  • Tokyo Police Club

  • Whitehorse

I can use that expertise to help and advise you with your projects and guide you through the production process.

Take the first step towards a Pro Sounding Single!



Ink Sticks and Stones, Signer Soungwriter

"Delivered a professional-sounding full album as a coproducer, engineer, and mixer, and followed my creative whims from small to large scale. Ready to bring Pierre-Luc on for my next project!"


Robbie, Musician and Podcaster

Pierre is such a master at what he does.  He knows exactly what I wanted without me even asking! Barr’s Backyard is truly the place to go if you’re looking for an editor who is professional, friendly, and reasonable.


Teyama, Filmmaker

Very attentive to feedback, delivers on time, great experience overall.

Mixer Clés 3  2015-5-5-13:12:10

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